Parking Lots Have Become a Digital Lifeline

With cafes and libraries closed, Americans without internet access are sitting outside them to get free and fast connections. As the sun set on a recent evening in Rutherfordton, N.C., the author Beth Revis drove her green S.U.V. into the parking lot of a

Here’s how Google knows when an online ad makes you buy the product in real life

AUG—31—2018 02:33PM EST A report from Bloomberg found that Google is using credit card data to track real-life purchases, too. In May last year, Google quietly launched a tool called “store sales measurement” that could help it determine whether

AI Bots Can Defeat Elite Human Gamers in Dota 2 Tournament

The AI bots, trained on 180-days worth of games, can improvise and strategize, easily winning against human players. AI gamer bots have successfully defeated a team of highly-ranked, 99.95th percentile Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2 players. Dota is one

Common Myths About Computer Repair

If you love to tinker with computers, you may have debunked some myths about computer repair already. For instance, you may have learned that you probably won’t get a reputable computer repair job unless you obtain certification. That said, this list of

First Click: Apple should stop selling four-year-old computers

One thousand, five hundred and fourteen days. Or: four years, one month, and twenty-four days. That’s how long it’s been since Apple released the last MacBook Pro to come without a Retina display. The $1,199 13-inch model was powered by a 2.5GHz Core