Parking Lots Have Become a Digital Lifeline

With cafes and libraries closed, Americans without internet access are sitting outside them to get free and fast connections. As the sun set on a recent evening in Rutherfordton, N.C., the author Beth Revis drove her green S.U.V. into the parking lot of a

New Apple patent suggests iPhones could warn against spam calls one day

Stopping spam, hopefully A new Apple patent could finally give iPhone owners some relief from spam calls by automatically recognizing a fake call and warning users accordingly, via AppleInsider. As the patent claims describe, Apple’s system would

How to prepare your iPhone for a trade-in program

Now is the best time to get credit for your iPhone How’s that iPhone in your pocket feeling? Old? Outdated? Just fine, but you want to trade it in anyway? September’s always the time people start thinking about trading your current iPhone in and upgra

Here’s how Google knows when an online ad makes you buy the product in real life

AUG—31—2018 02:33PM EST A report from Bloomberg found that Google is using credit card data to track real-life purchases, too. In May last year, Google quietly launched a tool called “store sales measurement” that could help it determine whether

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti leak reveals a very powerful graphics card

Nvidia has been teasing its upcoming GeForce event for weeks now, and it looks like the company will unveil a new series of GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards on Monday. While Nvidia typically launches Ti (Titanium) versions of its most powerful graphics car

New Panasonic device sucks up your shoe smells, if you have five hours

For the weirdos who don’t wear socks or the unfortunate people who just have smelly feet, Panasonic announced today that it will be launching a “shoe deodorizer.” It’s called the MS-DS100, and it uses some zany “nanoe” technology to suck the s

AI Bots Can Defeat Elite Human Gamers in Dota 2 Tournament

The AI bots, trained on 180-days worth of games, can improvise and strategize, easily winning against human players. AI gamer bots have successfully defeated a team of highly-ranked, 99.95th percentile Defense of the Ancients (Dota) 2 players. Dota is one

Tech.G Tuesdays | Super Media Computer

The first Tech.G Tuesdays highlight is Tech Genius‘s own “Super Media Computer”   For the busy creative media professional who needs power, speed and reliability along with all the creative freedom needed to begin and close projects fas

Google’s Tensor Processing Unit explained: this is what the future of computing looks like

Specialized silicon will lead the way forward When Google unveiled its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) during this year’s Google I/O conference in Mountain View, California, it finally ticked for this editor in particular that machine learning is the f

Severe burns can heal faster with this 3-D skin printer

Introducing Tech Tuesdays Tech Tuesdays showcases new and exciting tech to all of our Genius followers. Up for our first showcase is the 3d printer that bioprints skin onto burn victims. This Bio Printer is – GENIUS Researchers at the Wake Forest In